Our Web Developer Program at a Glance

The Web Developer Program is our flagship program designed to prepare graduates for entry level work as junior Web Developers. The curriculum will encompass web platforms, programming, and web applications including (HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL).
A typical 16 week course will focus on web design principles and concepts, programming, website creation and web applications. Students can expect a section quiz approximately two to three times throughout the course. The class will use hands on individual or group exercises and project based approach to learning. Outside assignments will be based upon certain applications or chosen topics and build into a final capstone project utilizing all skills
learned throughout the course.



Hands-On Instruction

Job Placement Assistance

Affordable Tuition

Small Group Classes

Primer Workshop

The Primer Workshop teaches foundational skills and is an introduction to HTML, CSS, JavaScript and basic internet/computer concepts. This workshop is required for students with limited or no previous coding experience. The workshop culminates with each student taking (or re-taking) the PBCS Assessment Test. The primary educational objective of the workshop is to introduce and familiarize students with the terms and basic skills to successfully participate in the Web Developer Program.

Duration: The course consists of four 3-hour sessions and is offered at various times.


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Palm Beach Code School Hiring Partners

The following companies have either hired PBCS graduates, sponsored employees
to attend training or provided internships to PBCS students.



Kim is a freelance consultant whose interest in computers started in junior high school. By the time he graduated with a BS in Computer Science from New York Institute of Technology he had already worked on projects for several Fortune 500 companies.


Paul is currently Information Technology Director coming to us from a private school in the area and sixteen years of Information Technology experience. He is a Florida native with many family ties to old Stuart.


Jeremy is a front-end developer who with 9 years experience working in the web industry. He has worked on everything from basic HTML and CSS pages to WordPress sites to Magento ecommerce sites, from logos to banners to full marketing packages.


Danny is currently a Marketing Consultant with lots of experience in not only business processes but also internet and social media tools and solutions, with over 20 years of Database development.


Erica Terry is a Web Developer for Naked Digital in West Palm Beach where she builds WordPress sites and web applications.


A self-described “UX nerd” got his degree in Economics and was working in property management when he first moved to Palm Beach County. His love of technology led him to join some tech Meetup groups, where he created a network of like-minded individuals looking for fulfilling careers.


Mack grew up in New Jersey, and have lived in south Florida for 6 years. I’m a senior at Florida Gulf Coast University pursuing a bachelors of science in software engineering with a minor in math


Born and raised in Palm Beach County, Rubens Jean-Paul moved to the Tampa area to join the ChappellRoberts team as a junior web developer. Prior to working for ChappellRoberts, Jean-Paul was part of the creative team at Naked Digital where he developed projects for the Bahamas and Burger King.


Oleg works as a Web Developer for a well-known research institute. He’s a highly personable, pro-active and self-motivated IT specialist with over 15 years of diverse industry experience.


Our flagship course is the “Web Developer Program”. It is designed to prepare graduates for work as jr web developers. For students with limited coding experience, we suggest students begin by taking the “Primer Workshop”. This course is designed to teach fundamentals and prepare students for participation in the “Web Developer Program”.

The PRIMER WORKSHOP is $300. The WEB DEVELOPER PROGRAM is $3,800 plus a $50 registration fee.
No, a key purpose of The Palm Beach Code School is to attract, engage and educate people who are curious about computer coding. Coding can be a pathway to a new career or an avenue to pursue a creative passion. Computer coding is a language and a way of thinking that, once mastered opens doors. At the Palm Beach Code School we are committed to advancing your goals no matter your skill level. Each interested student is required to take and pass the 25 question assessment test which helps steer you to the right level of class. If an applicant does not pass the school offers a PRIMER Workshop for complete novices or people with limited experience. This covers the basic computer science information that will prepare a student for the flagship Web Developer Program.
Yes, students must have a high school diploma or GED to be accepted into the Web Developer Program.
Yes, the school is licensed by: The Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education 325 West Gaines St. Ste 1414 Tallahassee, Florida 32399
Yes, graduates of The Palm Beach Code School will receive a diploma after successful fulfillment of the course requirements.
The Palm Beach Code School offers job placement assistance to all graduates, however Florida State law prohibits ANY school from guaranteeing employment. The Palm Beach Code School will use best efforts to assist you in matching your skills with those company’s seeking to hire.
Simply call (561.855.6575) or email (info@palmbeachcodeschool.com) to schedule an appointment.
Contact the school for upcoming start dates. 
Yes. Computer programming is a skill that is best learned by practicing. The Palm Beach Code School program requires that work is done both in the classroom and at home. A laptop computer with the following is required:

  • Windows 7 or greater, OR Mac OS X 10.7.5 or greater
  • 2.4 GHz processor or greater
  • 4 GB RAM minimum
  • 500 GB HDD
  • 802.11G
  • VGA adapter
  • External mouse
Any software downloads will be discussed and recommended by course instructors.
The Palm Beach Code School is located at 8895 North Military Trail, Building B, Suite 303, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410. It is in the Northlake Corporate Park which is located on the SW corner of Northlake Blvd and Military Trail in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl.


“Palm Beach Code School helped me get started on my path to a new career. The staff is knowledgeable and available to help when needed. I would highly recommend Palm Beach Code School to anyone who is interested in Web Development.”


Palm Beach Code School

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