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Facts About Coding

Are you interested in building, designing and coding websites?  Learning to code will give you the skills you need to be a Web Developer.  New Web Developer programs are starting this month at Palm Beach Code School.  Beginners welcome!  

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10 Reasons Everyone Should Learn to Code

1.  Coding will help you understand the way the world works.  We use code every time we purchase something at the store, pick up our phone and sit at our computer. 2. Coding is the base of technology. 3. Average salary for a Web Developer is $64,000. 4. Coding is not just for men anymore.  …

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Meet our Instructors: Eddy Garcia, Developer of VividArts App

Eddy Garcia, a self-described “UX nerd” got his degree in Economics and was working in property management when he first moved to Palm Beach County. His love of technology led him to join some tech Meetup groups, where he created a network of like-minded individuals looking for fulfilling careers. After teaching himself to code and…

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Palm Beach Code School to Open Doors in Palm Beach Gardens

For those who have dreamed of developing a cool cell-phone app or designing a hot new Web site, Palm Beach County’s first brick-and-mortar coding school is coming to town Nov. 3. Palm Beach Code School will offer morning and evening classes in a structured setting that teaches students the essentials of computer programming, enabling them…

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